Online and Apps


In these modern days Islam is not just confined to books and group gatherings. In recent times there has been a rapid increase in the number of websites and mobile apps dedicated to celebrating and supporting the modern Islamic lifestyle.


Below, we at the Muslim Insight team have decided to showcase a few of our favourite apps. If you use a website/app you would like us to profile then get in touch with us at



Islamic Fashion and Style Advice for Women



The Only Way is Hijab

This website was set up by upcoming Islamic fashionistas Nadyah and Nooreen as a way of demonstrating how modesty and style can co-exist for the modern Muslim woman.




Mobile Apps


Islamic Hub

Available on: Iphone, Windows Phone and Android

This is a one stop hub for daily Islamic needs. Users have access to Daily Hadith, The Qur'an (with translation, transliteration and recitation), Hadith Database and a regularly updated "Do You Know?" section. The developers say they want this app to help "strengthen our iman by reminding us everyday to gain new knowledge."