Mikail Adil


Mikail Adil is a teacher with a background in science, studied at undergraduate and Masters level. A natural sloth prone to extreme apathy, Mikail woke from an intellectual coma and became increasingly interested in Islamic issues in the wake of the polarizing effect of anti religious and anti Muslim hysteria which continues to gain prominence in the new millennium.


Mikail is particularly interested in the philosophy of religion, the challenges it faces and the appropriate responses. He feels that for religions to thrive they must be practically relevant and beneficial in any age, and enjoying critiquing extremism in religious and secular forms.


When he is not dealing with adolescents or politely annoying people who disagree with him, Mikail either socialises or placates his undiagnosed exercise addiction with a variety of sports; he is an amateur boxer with a black belt in karate and sometimes plays badminton with his friends.


Courtesy of Winnond/FreeDigitalPhotos.net