Creeping Sharia and Stealth Jihadists

By Mikail Adil



Don't we love conspiracy theories?


People never landed on the moon, climate change is imaginary, the holocaust never happened, Barak Obama is a secret Muslim and the child of Malcom X and AIDS was deliberately manufactured to wipe out black people.


Ridiculous to be sure, but however ridiculous these may sound, I've got one which makes the above look scholarly, rational and highly informed by comparison. Here it is:


There is a minority population living for the most part peacefully and as good and productive citizens in a country. However, they actually hate the country. They just don't show it. And, they only reason why they're being peaceful is because they're small in number. So at the moment the best they can do it to wage a 'stealth war' against the country which cannot be proven, quantified or falsified. When they grow in number however they will become more belligerent and invariably control the entire country and kill or subjugate anyone who isn't part of their group. The time to act is NOW. We must destroy this threat for the safety of our children.


One thing you might notice is that this is so unspecific that you could make this accusation about ANY minority group anywhere.


So where did I get this idea from?


Perhaps it relates to a historical situation? Show the above paragraph to just about anyone and ask them which historical situation it prizes for guessing what they'll say. But I'm not talking about that one. The above conspiracy theory still exists. But it's not about the Jews anymore. It's the Muslims. And in future it will probably be some other group. Because people don't learn.


Before continuing I want to introduce (for some of you) an Islamic word: 'Taqiyya.' If you're Muslim and you're thinking 'uh why don't I know this?' Don't worry. I'd never heard of it either until Islamophobes brought it up.


Anyway you'd better know what it is, because most anti Muslim organisations use this as a pretty standard line of argument these days. The EDL use it, Stop the Islamization of Europe and America use it, guests coming on to Faux (Fox) News talk about it, Melanie Philips who writes the Daily Fail/Heil/Mail uses similar phraseology (unlike the others I can't recall her using the term 'Taqiyya,' so not sure about this one; don't want to slander anyone eh?) and Anders Breivik most certainly based his ideas on it. Lovely bunch. While it is a pretty niche concept in Islam, (and more recognised in Shi'a Islam then Sunni Islam) given the way these bigots talk you'd think it's a pillar of the faith.


So what is Taqiyya? According to the excellent freedom fighters saving the west from the invasion of horrible bearded men, Taqiyya means:


'Being allowed to lie to non Muslims.'


Firstly, while any sort of permission to lie might seem alarming at face value, lying is not always immoral; would it be moral to truthfully tell a Gestapo officer that you were a Jew if you were one and he asked you? I'd tend not to think so.


The idea behind Taqiyya is pretty similar. It is a pragmatic concept that allows a Muslim to say something un Islamic, even denying the faith itself when under extreme circumstances such as threats of violence, or torture. The Qur'an says:


"Whoever disbelieves in God after his belief... except for one who is forced [to renounce his religion] while his heart is secure in faith. But those who [willingly] open their breasts to disbelief, upon them is wrath from God"

(Surah An Nahl 16:106)


Both Sunni and Shi'a commentators observe that verse 16:106 refers to the case of 'Ammar b. Yasir, who was forced to renounce his beliefs under physical duress and torture. Personally I'd say that's fair enough.


So the Islamophobes are correct. Bang on the money. Muslims ARE allowed to lie to non Muslims...if they are being tortured or killed, and don't really fancy it. Funny how that part gets omitted, even deliberate perhaps?


Also, as the Qur'anic verse relates to outwardly denying Islam, it's fairly incompatible with the Islamophobic understanding of ''spreading the faith,'' though in fairness they do often label non Muslims who challenge them using entities like facts and logical arguments as 'secret Moozlims.'


Another quote I've heard to 'prove' that Muslims can't be trusted is a very vague and open ended quote from the Hadith stating

"War is deception"

Tabari 8:23 Abu Dawud, 14, 2629 Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 14, Number 2631, Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad)


to which I what!? It's just a statement of fact. And a true one at that. The great general and philosopher Sun Tzu said exactly the same thing! And it's true; in a war you aren't compelled to reveal your location or the whereabouts of your reinforcements! Yet there are claims that because the Prophet Muhammad recognised a concept held by every military tactician ever, that Muslims fundamentally can't be trusted. Right.


Anders Brievik himself interpreted Taqiyya as political deception, as do most prominent Islamophobes in Europe and America (it is incredible just how similar most anti Islamic books and websites read like Breiviks manifesto, you actually can't tell the difference! Seriously). The idea is this:


  • When Muslims are a tiny minority, they'll preach tolerance and have a peaceful face.
  • When Muslims grow in number they'll become more belligerent and demanding and start wanting more rights like 'Sharia Law' to be implemented and so forth.
  • When Muslims are a significant proportion of the population they'll take it over and turn it into an Islamic state.

So Muslims will always be carrying out a 'Jihad' against the infidels but initially because they are so small in number it cannot be an armed Jihad, so for the time being it's a 'stealth' Jihad, where they 'infiltrate' the government and the economy by doing things like...getting jobs (and of course if they don't get jobs and work that you have another line of attack). So the idea is that you can never EVER trust a Muslim.


Again, this bears a striking resemblance to anti Semetic propaganda used by Europe in the 30's. And the Islamophobes will sometimes bring up proofs of 'Creeping Sharia' being spread by this Stealth Jihad; like unlabelled Halal meat (Halal by the way just means permissible in Islam it doesn't directly relate to food) in supermarkets and Sharia 'law' courts. However, Muslims tend not to buy unlabelled meat because they don't know whether its Halal or not! They are as unaware as anyone else! Eating halal food isn't a plot to turn mutate people into Muslims without realising. Honestly. Trust me. Oh wait...


So what about these Sharia 'Law' courts that are being proposed in Britain say?


It really isn't as interesting as it sounds. These are just courts of arbitration where civil issues, usually marriage and divorce are discussed. And they are voluntary. And if the people don't like the outcome they can just go elsewhere. They wouldn't bypass the law. If you disagree with them, fine, but its disingenuous to call them Sharia 'law' courts.


But isn't this still an example of Muslims coming over here demanding extra rights? The fact that most of them were born here aside, no, not really. No more than the Jewish population, who have had similar Jewish courts of arbitration here (known as Beth Din) for...only a few hundred years. They have kosher food too which is so conceptually similar to halal food that most Islamic scholars consider it lawful for Muslims! Do we call this creeping Halaka (Jewish law)? Are we going to have an organisation called Stop the Jewdification of Europe now? Just say that phrase again and think about how it sounds...yea my thoughts exactly.


So back to the general topic of Muslims trying to infiltrate the West and spread their creeping Sharia via a Stealth do you prove or falsify a Stealth Jihad? In America the Christian right (when Christ condemned the rich, religious hypocrites he these bigots down to a tee) love to rant about this, but many atheists are just as bad. Yet when it comes to the existence God they'll smugly tell you that God isn't provable or falsifiable, therefore he isn't scientific and therefore you shouldn't believe in him. So they'd never believe in anything which they say cannot be proven and falsified like a God but they believe in something which cannot be proven or falsified like a Stealth Jihad. Makes perfect sense.


In conclusion, conspiracy theories like creeping Sharia, Taqiyya and the Stealth Jihad, are just tools used to spread fear and paranoia to gullible people so that they feel afraid and persecuted enough to stop thinking rationally. And it works. Two years ago a man believed that the Islamic invasion of the west was imminent, it was happening all around him, even when he couldn't see it happening it was happening, they were infiltrating the government, they were multiplying, and they were destroying humanity one secret step at a time and no one was doing anything about it. And what did he do? He did what many people would have done if they truly believed this to be true. He got out a gun and did something about it. Seventy seven times. Was he insane? Only for believing what he 'researched'. But if the only way to solve it was to do something terrible (which he himself admitted), then was really be insane for doing it?


Its time people recognise hate for what it is. It's happened before with other groups and it's happening (less so in the UK then the US; the vast majority of Britons are cynical enough to recognise such intellectual refuse for what it is, and don't have the same Pro Israel fetish which is frequently linked with anti Muslim hate). But let's not forget, that it is also so ridiculous that it should give us a bit of a laugh too.

This has been Mikail Adil, Islamofascist, Taqiyya artist and Stealth Jihadist with a PhD in creeping Sharia saying goodbye, As-salam alaykum and have a nice day.


And finally...Evidence of creeping Sharia in the UK:

  • England and Islamic both have 7 letters
  • Wine gums don't have any wine in
  • I asked my butcher 'Is-Lamb good?' He said 'it's the best.'
  • Croissants are shaped like the crescent moon
  • Star wars glorifies a youth who is radicalised by an old bearded man living in the desert wearing robes
  • Packets of iced gems look like tiny little mosques
  • The government keeps telling us to have our 5 a day
  • Surgeons cover their faces
  • Our local bingo is taken over by Mecca
  • I went to a Warhammer convention and met 72 virgins
  • 1 in 5 streets in Britain is a crescent
  • You can't say EDL without saying EID
  • Women cover their hair when it rains. Muslim men are manufacturing it to oppress them.
  • You have to take your shoes off before going to a bouncy castle
  • Kids have to learn algebra (invented by a Muslim) at school


If this isn't evidence of a Stealth Jihad I don't know what is...