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Welcome to Muslim Insight!


The purpose of this website is to give Muslims and Non-Muslims alike an insight into Muslim lifestyles, thinking and philosophies. Inshallah (God Willing) this site will explore Muslim life and culture across the globe through the richness of family life, the passion of current world politics, the philosophy of Islamic concepts and through the eyes of real life individuals who are striving to live a purposeful Muslim life.


The site will also provide practical support, links to support and further ways to expand your knowledge of the Muslim world, through the eyes of ordinary Muslims.


Parts of this site will contain some serious debate on incredibly sensitive issues. It is not the aim of the Muslim Insight Team to condone inappropriate behaviours however, it is important that people are able to gain an understanding on the Islamic viewpoint on such issues and enhance their own knowledge in order to improve their own spirituality.


Muslim Insight Team Prayer

We pray that Allah (SWT) accepts our efforts in producing this website and records this as a good deed for us on the Day of Judgement. We also pray that Allah (SWT) bestows His mercy upon us for any mistakes we make in the process of developing this site and that the Almighty ensures that the knowledge contained on this website reaches those who are in need of it most - Ameen.


Notes to Visitors

This site is currently under construction but we would welcome your ideas/suggestions as to what you would like to see included in this site. Please contact


The authors of this website are not Islamic Scholars but are normal every day Muslims who are sharing their experiences and viewpoints with the world. The Team are not qualified to provide Islamic rulings and advice and we would recommend those requiring such information to contact their local Imam in the first instance.